She Get It From Her Mama….

I have had MULTIPLE inquires and several applications for Bit Bit and/or Gizmo, so I decided to do a post giving as much information about each to help you decide which pup may be a better fit for your lifestyle and family…Both puppies are Parti Carrier or Tuxedo Yorkies. Although the puppies are in different litters, each Dam is around the same weight, 6.2 pounds and the Sire, Symba, is the same for both puppies. There are also 3 puppies in each litter; this is important because the milk is evenly disbursed for all puppies nursing. (The fewer number of puppies, then there is an abundance of milk, nutrients, and fat., i.e. fatter pups) Now that you know the similarities, you can begin to break down the differences:

Bit Bit is charting to be smaller than Gizmo. One reason is because she was smaller than Gizmo at birth. Bit Bit ‘s birth weight was 3.9 ounces. Gizmo’s birth weight was 4.5 ounces. (This amount does not seem like a lot to you and me, but in the “Yorkie World” it is a big deal.) This coupled with the fact that Bit Bit is gaining weight at a slower pace than Gizmo, even though I am supplementing BOTH puppies with goat’s milk, leaves me to believe that Bit Bit WILL be the smaller of the two.

Puppies are most influenced, genetically, by the 3 most recent generations, of both the Sire and the Dam, but the Dam has the most influence in such characteristic like withers height, muzzle length, and body size/ proportion. So, to help you determine what the puppy will look and move like as an adult, look at the Dam. (Hence the title of the Barking Blog Post) I have also found that the puppies tend to mimic the temperament of the Dam, more so than the Sire. This, of course is not 100% of the time, but more so than not…


Cheese has a very slim frame, with petite bones. Cheese is also taller in the withers and has an average length muzzle. Cheese is VERY outgoing and has not met a stranger yet. She gives “huggies” to anyone that will accept them.


Lindor has a compact body frame and short little legs. She also has a very short muzzle, but her bone structure is heavier than Cheese’s. Lindor’s temperament is more reserved. Once she knows you, she is quick to act silly and act down right goofy—but to strangers she is standoffish. Lindor rarely barks and is EXTREMELY chill and relaxed, more so than Cheese. Cheese likes to turn up the “Dog Party” up to an “11.”

Take Home Message:

Bit Bit is going to be smaller overall: in frame, weight, and bone structure, BUT will be taller. Gizmo will be stockier/compact in body length, heavier in weight, and have shorter legs, but will have a longer muzzle. Please check out BOTH images of each puppy given, each image gives the puppy’s profile so you can see the length of the muzzle.  Bit Bit’s muzzle is shorter than Gizmo’s. Once the ears are taped, I will know better each pups’ ear set.  I aim to have proper ear set on ALL puppies, but sometimes the ear leather does not cooperate with me.

BOTH puppies will probably be cuddle bugs, as both Dams are, but giving them each more time to develop is best to better know their temperaments. I can say this, Bit Bit is a brave little one. She already ventures out of the bathroom in search of me. (Neither of her brothers has been so brave thus far.) Typically, the pup’s personality emerges around 6 weeks…


BIRTH WEIGHT Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4



9.4 14.2 1 pd 4 1pd 8


4.5 9.6 15.0

1 pd 5

NEW IMAGES, Pricing, Wellness Exam Documentation, Grooming Analysis: Coat Texture, Skin, Teeth, Ear Set, and Eyes will be posted DECEMBER 19, 2016. I will also include MY analysis of each puppy including Size, Proportion, Substance, and TemperaYorkie Christmas (XL)ment. At that time, I will accept a $500.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit on each puppy, and not before. If you are hoping to surprise someone with a Yorkie Puppy for Christmas and want something to put under the tree then speak with me. I wouldbe glad to help you come up with a special “puppy package.”

If you are interested in a Southern Yorkies Puppy and have not completed the Puppy Application Form, then please do so HERE. Preference is given in the order in which they are received.

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